Sangbreeta Moitra

Portrett av Sangbreeta Moirta

Sangbreeta is participating at this years conference with a most accurate topic:

«Hack the brain. Hack the crisis stress. Transform your leadership presence»

The Public Transport and Mobility Trade are facing disruption. Due to Covid-19, ridership dropped instantly and people were adviced to avoid using Public Transport. During these uncertain times, Sangbreeta will share useful insights on how to transform human behaviour, mastering change, learing how to be relevant for the unpredictable future.


TEDx award-winning strategist, author, and speaker Sangbreeta Moitra uses neuro-knowledge to enable leaders and organizations transform human behaviour, master powerful communication, build a standout leadership presence, and create trust-driven meaningful relationships with teams and clients.

With a background in neurobiology and neuro-psychiatric illness studies, Sangbreeta’s trusted clients include Nike, Booking, Shell, NN group, ING, and Tommy Hilfiger.

A Dutch and European public speaking and storytelling champion, Sangbreeta was born in India and currently lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Passionate about enabling people to transform their powerful presence and build a legacy of values that inspire meaningful change, Sangbreeta has been featured in The Huffington Post and The Financial Express.

Speaking in events across the UK, The Netherlands, India, Japan, South Korea, China, Austria, and Norway, Sangbreeta has shared the stage with politicians such as Erna Solberg (Prime Minister of Norway) and Annemarie Jorritsma (Dutch politician, ex Minister of Economic Affairs).

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