Robert J. Martin

Portrett Robert J. Martin

Møt Robert J. Martin på Kollektivkonferansen 2023 der han presenterer

«The Mobility Diet»

Is the traditional debate on modal split oversimplified? Does it create more division than necessary? Explore the nuanced framework of ‘The Mobility Diet.’ This narrative-based approach considers multiple contextual factors, transcending simplistic, binary choices between cars, public transport, and bikes. It advocates for incremental changes tailored to individual and community needs. By implementing small, calculated shifts in behaviour and policy, it is possible to promote the transition to healthier and more sustainable urban environments.

Robert J. Martin is an Australian architect, researcher, and mobility expert based in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a Partner at Beta Mobility, he designs mobility strategies for cities, consults public and private mobility operators, and advises urban developers on integrating mobility in new urban neighbourhoods. With a PhD in Future Urban Mobilities from Aalborg University, Robert combines his diverse educational background from the University of Sydney, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and Yale School of Architecture to create sustainable and liveable cities. His goal is to leverage mobility technologies and innovative urban planning for enhanced quality of life.