Marianne Weinreich

Portrett av Marianne Weinreich

Marianne is participating at this years conference with a most accurate topic:

“International COVID19 cycling boom – how to go from temporary to permanent”

The corona pandemic and the need for social distancing is a challenge for public transportation. As a response, so called pop-up bike lanes are being implemented very fast around the world from Berlin to Bogota. In Oslo alone cycling has increased by 80% the last year. How do we plan and support people who’s been taking up cycling so they do not get into their cars? Marianne Weinreich will give some answers to that question.


Marianne Weinrech has a background in communication and her field of expertise is mobility management, sustainable mobility policies and promotion of sustainable mobility. She works with promotion of sustainable modes in general, but she’s an expert in cycling policy and promotion.

She has advised cities about sustainable mobility for 20 years. The last 2 years as Market Manager in Ramboll. She is also co-founder and chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and an experienced speaker at and moderator of cycling and mobility conferences all over the World.